The papua international breeding ecology garden, welcome to the papua ecology garden to visit, the colored parrot, the white cockatoo, the Australian parrot, the Central America parrot, each kind of variety parrot, the hawk class, the birds, the heaven bird, black Pakistan Dan, Lu K'o, the beetle, Ye?, the praying mantis, the insect class, mammalia, the reptile class, the primate, have a bag of branch, the special-purpose nest box as well as the breeding life and the raising way.  

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  A animal kingdom dream, completely arranges, the business planning, the management by the Chinese people, has the international animal breeding ground, in the Indonesian 泗水 佔地 two armor (in papua 佔地 tetramethyl business planning), has at present organized in the United Nations CITES member to register has the document the legitimate breeding ground, the welcome domestic, outside the advanced loving care advises.


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